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GooDoo Footwear: Luxury, Comfort, Style

GooDoo takes pride in their excellent quality, unique procedure, and above all, style. Quality and style are the staples of the brand. Their designers and craftsmen have many years of experience in developing handmade shoes. Made out of the finest calfskin leather, GooDoo has developed a manufacturing tradition that dates back to over 30 years in Korea.

The GooDoo collection contains the most stylish pieces with unequalled functionality. GooDoo has the highest level of selectivity when it comes to selecting the finest leather. Only 10% of the skins proposed are retained for the production of GooDoo shoes. Hand stitching assures not only the highest level of quality, but also the highest level of comfort. They take exceptional pride in their superior craftsmanship, and unique manufacturing process. In addition, the mid-sole of each shoe contain memory foam that quickly molds and contours to the shape of your foot, ensuring unsurpassed comfort in all of their footwear. Each shoe from the GooDoo product line takes over two weeks to construct.

GooDoo’s inspiration comes from all over the world. Cities such as Hollywood, South Beach,
New York and Milan were all cognitive factors in the designs of each shoe. They offer exclusive designs, with superior quality and comfort—casual enough for jeans and a t-shirt, however still classy enough for a night out in your best dress shirt and slacks. Whatever style you are looking for, they have a shoe for you.

aLine media public relations announced today it has been retained by GooDoo, a handcrafted men’s footwear line. aLine media will provide publicity, celebrity outreach, and promotional services for GooDoo.

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