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Wanna be a model 100%?

Values that should be the basis for building a career in the fashion system by shout up you can
A season after its first appearance, on the occasion of the upcoming Milan Female Fashion week, shout up you can ( is back to the scene to shout its social message.

Wanna be a model 100%? This is the claim of the new campaign “100% MODEL” whose aim, following the previous one, is to raise awareness about any risk connected to a wrong interpretation of both the fashion system, and the tools young models should rely on to reach the peak of success.

100% MODEL takes its inspiration from a real story trying to tell it through photographic evidence, and a fashion film. It alerts young professionals about some of the most frequent dynamics which can be used against any person who is not properly informed.

Success doesn’t pass through sex. It has to be strongly reasserted that submission and acceptance of harassing behaviors is not the rule to enhance one’s career. Those wishing to exploit their influence to oblige young professionals to accept pernicious dynamics and perverted role plays do denigrate the image of any fashion insider giving its contribution in a proper and respectful way.
This is the reason why one of the main messages of the film is “Shame on You”, shame on all who take advantage of their role or physical appearance to damage not only their personal dignity but also the whole fashion world.

100% MODEL’s testimonial is Italian top model Sasha Marini ( who is the main character not only of the campaign but also of the pictures shown in the video where he represents both evil and good suggesting to emerging models which are the values to build their career on.
Apart from the press and video campaign, independent productions available on several channels, a blog has been created for providing all actors involved with the opportunity to share their story. Anyone can go and visit http://shoutupyoucan.blogspot.comto leave a comment or report sexual harassments or abuses they suffered from during their career.

All evidences will be delivered to authorities entitled to investigate about possible legal, and criminal responsibilities of people alleged with such accusations.
Another step has been done. Break the silence. Now, you can.


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100% MODEL | Official video campaign from shout up you can on Vimeo.

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