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If money and circumstances were no object, what would your dream career be?

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I'd have a tough time choosing between:

1. Magazine editor

I have always wanted to be the editor of a magazine. I got to second interview stage for an editor role on a travel mag about five years ago, and probably would have moved to Sydney to follow my dream if I wasn't too scared of being away from my family (who I'm very close to) and uprooting my partner and furbabies. And now, after a few crazy years working as Managing Editor for a book publisher, I think I've had enough of super-high-stress jobs - so it's unlikely I'll ever get to do this!

2. Freelance editor/writer

How wonderful would it be to work in a little home office like the one below, and have the freedom to set your own hours and be at home for your kiddies - and be able to exercise whenever you like! There are two things holding me back from this dream: my own brain (I'm the world's biggest procrastinator, and fear I would end up bumming around in my pjs avoiding my desk) and the security of having a regular income (I will probably be the main breadwinner when we have kids). Maybe one day!

3. Cake decorator

Decorated cakes make me swoon! I'd love to be a cake decorator - it seems like such a fun and creative career choice and I'm sure it would be right up my alley. But, there's an awful lot of risk involved in this one, too. Plus I'm sure I would experience side-effects such as an ever-expanding waistline! I did look into starting my own cupcake decorating business on the side - but there is so much red tape to get through when setting up a food-based business that it put me off. Again, maybe one day!

4. Beauty therapist

Weird fact about me: I absolutely LOVE things that make other people squeamish, such as popping pimples, cutting nails and cleaning ears and bellybuttons! (I know, ewwww!) I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy being a beauty therapist for this reason. But, again, the money thing - and I'd be scared of ending up with shallow, nasty colleagues! (That's probably just a stereotype though, I'm sure.) I would love to open up a beauty salon for 'real' women one day - somewhere those who do not necessarily have perfect bodies/skin can come without feeling intimidated.

5. Stationary designer

I am obsessed with stationary (particularly from companies such as Kikki K), and love reading stories about designers and crafters who have 'made it' in the world of stationary design. I don't have any design training so it's pretty unlikely I'll ever score a job like this one - but it's fun to dream, right?

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